WTB/WTT: Dreamcast VGA box


I’m willing to trade one of the following:

Snes turtles in time
Snes Zelda link to the past
ipod shuffle 2gb

Let me know what you have


I don’t know if you’re wanting to pay this price but i got mine a few years back here.


Works perfectly.


That looks better than the ones I’ve been seeing actually and a reasonable price. I might go for it in about a week if I don’t get an offer here.


If its for Mvc2, the game will still lag on an HDTV…


Has anyone tried this one? http://www.amazon.com/Tomee-Sega-VGA-Cable-Sound-Adapter/dp/B00HPU96FI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1399405066&sr=8-1&keywords=sega+dreamcast+vga


Oh word? I plan on using it on the evo monitor. Gonna use it for other games too but if marvel lags I’ll just crt that shit.


Yea you gotta crt it.


Yup, I main marvel on HD tv. And when I play DC version on my Vizio it lags…plug into a CRT and it plays just fine
Also the I dont see the point of buying a “HD” cord for dreamcast when it only supports up to 480i


There are upscaling options, granted it’s pre rendered upscale but it’s a marked improvement.

Also the “Lag” issue is going to be connection specific, i’d need to test but if he’s converting to a vga signal to a evo monitor there should be no lag.


I just rember watching a video of a guy using an HD converter and he said it made some improvements but it looked exactly the same to me. I feel its a waste of money, especially on such an old console which wasnt made to support HD in the first place


That’s because it’s pre not post rendered, i know what you are saying but it makes a huge difference once you play with one.
It’s not simply the resolution which you cannot do much about, but the detail and color saturation which were my biggest noticeable improvements.


I’m not really concerned with it being hd or anything. I just want to see the games in more vibrant colors and sharper images. I’ve been playing games like Cannon Spike, Zombie Revenge, and Virtua Cop so I’d get good mileage out of it plus it’s convenient to play on a monitor.


If you arent concerned with lag, a Dreamcast VGA adapter greatly inproves the image quality over standard video.

Also, I thought most DC games supported 480p. Isnt that what the VGA logo on the box of the games meant, that they are 480p? I have only played DC games that have the VGA logo on the back of the box and they look CRISP.


Lag is a concern but the monitor I’m using is one with good response time so I don’t think it will be an issue. I’ll probably still want to play cvs2/mvc2 on crt off top but this is more for arcade/co-op/single player games.

I recall using a VGA box on one of the old computer monitors (the heavy box shaped ones, similar to crt in design i guess). The image quality was significantly improved from a/v and I don’t remember the VGA box itself causing lag.

I’ll give it my own lag test with some cvs2 combos when I get it but I’m still interested.