WTB/WTT Dreamcast VGA

Looking for one VGA cable or box for Sega dreamcast, I have an XBOX 360 one for trade also.

They have this one all over eBay if no one has it for sale here


I have the same exact one and have no complaints about it, works great

There are plenty of $20 buy it nows on ebay for this items… I ordered one recently and its great… its amazing how much better things look. the first one i got was defective though, the video had a yellow tint to everything (one of the colors wasnt making a good connection).

The guy/store i bought it from shipped me a new one for free, and said there was no need to return the defective one. epic service if you ask me.

If you have a dreamcast and want it to look better, buy one of these.

I have one. 15 dollars shipped. I bought it from someone here in srk. I don’t have a dc no more and has just been laying around

ebay feedback

Any pics?
If I like it I will pay right away.:china:

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Explore Omar N
same one as from this ebay one

If you like and pay, i’ll ship first thing tomorrow morning.