WTB/WTT for: Converter for PS1 to Gamecube, MC Cthulhu, Demon's Souls, PS-14-KN

Oki, first off I live in Canada, so take it into consideration before dealing with me.

Anywho, I will pay the following prices for what I need, shipped (prices include shipping):

MC Cthulhu with documentation that comes with it, $35 shipped
PS1 to Gamecube converter: $10, must be compatible with ps1 first party controllers
Hacked PS1 PCBs - $22
PS-14-KN buttons, I want a set of 8, any combination of red-blue-purple or clear (preferably even 2-6, 4-4, etc if mixed), paying $3 per button as long as new or like new
Demon’s Souls PS3 - $35
SF4 for PS3: $15
SF4 for 360: $15

Look here if there’s anything you would like

I would expect positive feedback please upon all payments you receive from myself

Just throwing it out there that you kinda linked us to EventHubs.com. :lol:

Oh shit, wrong link sorry, friend wanted to know tiers >.<


Bumpity. Anyone have any of the other items I’m asking for, please?

Bumnpity mc. bump, will pay $35 for Demon’s Souls