WTB/WTT for: Evo Monitor or similar, Xbox 360 slim, Avermedia LGP, HDMI Splitter (powered)

I need one of each of the mentioned, I’m considering buying this monitor:


but if I get a better offer, I’ll take that! I don’t have too much money, so please be considerate :(, I also have the following items for trade or to give in part of payment:

1x Sanrio TE (PS3)
1x MCZ Fightstick Pro (X360)
1x Tritton 5.1 Pro+, sealed
1x Tritton Detonator, sealed.

I’m in LA right now if anyone cares about if I’m local or not. Also any tips and leads would be immensely appreciated!


If you can’t find someone to sell you a slim, I have an original white xbox 360. It comes with an external harddrive, a controller(+battery pack), 2 extra battery packs, battery pack charger (charges 2 at a time) and 3 games (skyrim, SFIVAE, and CODMW3).

Great shape.

I have a 4gb slim for sale along with hdmi, power cable, and Dark Souls + SSFIV:AE

Prices on both offers??

$120 shipped for my slim bundle.

I got the monitor and almost got the 360, looking for the LGP card still!