WTB/WTT for R4/M3


Hey im looking to buy a R4 DS lite, or a m3 simply or perfect lite…preferably somethin that already has a passcode, but it doesnt really matter just PM me if you have either,

I have up for trade, a sanwa arcade stick made by paintedpale i think, Its an all baby blue with a chibi spiderman image for artwork…works perfectly, the only thing is that i had to switch out the FP because the button broke, so now there is a seimitsu button in there…and then there is paint damage on the sides…the bottom plate is also incredibly tight on there, thats how i got it, i removed the screws and apparently the board doesnt move, so to work on the stick i had to remove the top plate, and push the bottom out from the top…pictures will be posted if theres enough interest, im not looking to sell the stick atm, but i believe the worth of the stick will be around $120, so if you want to trade we’ll find some sorta middle ground…