WTB/WTT: Hori HRAP2/3 top Panel and TE case/inner shell


Looking for a Hori top panel with the button layout the HRAP3 has. Willing to buy or trade a HRAP1 top panel for it (will have to wait a bit for trade just got it from here).

Also looking for the inner most part of the TE case. The black plastic part of a round 1 TE (color doesnt matter just describing the piece). Tried to get a replacement from madcatz but apparently they don’t replace it and don’t sell it :wasted: .

send a pm.


So, does this mean you have a Hori HRAP 1 top panel with the old layout for sale?



After he receives the HRAP from plik.


dam i didn’t see that 1 lol


have a possible trade pending with W00P. if for some reason it falls through, yes im willing to sell it to the people pming me asking about it but trading is my top preference. i likely wouldnt sell it till i have one to buy so i know what price to sell it for and so im not stuck without a panel but ill get back to the ppl that pmed me if thats what ends up happening thanks.

also trying to get back to other ppl that pmed me about the TE case.


do u have pics of the TE case?