I want to buy an Ipod for just listening to music. If you have a touch or video that you’re willing to sell, just pm me the price, and I’ll think about it. But I’m really just looking for a fairly new classic ipod classic/nano/mini or something.

I have Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (xbox 360) for Trade + Money.


I have an Ipod Nano for sale 8GB. Brotherhood for PS3?


I have a 16GB 1st Gen touch for sale.

EDIT : Just sold it. Good luck finding one.


Well, brotherhood for xbox


Are you interested in the nano?


sorry, i meant xbox. I’m interested in the nano though.


8GB 2nd Gen touch with case and cable. $80 shipped? PM me if interested. Can Jailbreak or restore to factory default.No scratches, dings, or dents on the touch.


Pm’d all you guys.


i’d be willing to sell you this http://km.support.apple.com/library/APPLE/APPLECARE_ALLGEOS/HT1353/HT1353_25.jpg its old so obviously i wouldnt ask for much. 20$ + shipping Its 20 gigs and works fine, got some scratches on the back. Lemme Know


Any other ipod deals?


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Didn’t you say a buddy of yours came through with a 160gb iPod classic for 120.00?


I could’ve had it, but I’m kinda wanting a touch now that all my friends have one… If I can’t find a good touch price, I’ll buy his 160 gb classic.