WTB/WTT Neo Geo Pad 2 or Saturn Pad ps2

I’m wanting to either buy or trade for the PS2 NeoGeo Pad 2 or Saturn Pad.

Willing to trade a MAS System DC stick for it. (1 button needs replaced. 8 button setup up and its bottom far left, no biggie.) or barely used in box Agetec DC stick.


Noone has either for sale??!?!

My dude, I’ve asked for it myself. Those controllers are super rare.

They are but someone’s gotta be wanting to sell one. I really want the NeoGeo over the Saturn anyway, so I wouldn’t think it would be that bad lol.

Gamebaz has them for $80 with The King of Fighters '94 Re-Bout game for PS2 thats a pretty good deal as for the PS2 Saturn pad those usually go for over a hundred I suggest you look for one on Yahoo Japan auction site if you want a lower price. people on SRK know how much the controllers are worth and its not going to be cheap You may also look into getting a saturn to ps2 adapter if you want the pad other than collecting purposes. I think there are a couple of guys on SRK that make the adapter also I believe toodles may has some sort of remedy for the official Saturn controller to make it Ps2 compatible

PM sent

Yeah, the main reason I’m checking here is because I really dislike PayPal. I did check on here for a Saturn to PS2 adapter (I have 2 official ones), and the only I saw was the KOEI one, but they are sold out.

It’s really looking like I’ll have to go with PayPal stuff agian :frowning: