Wanna see if I can get a PS2 NTSC console here. I have doubts bout swap magic and I am looking for a NTSC PS2. Don’t care if its slim or fat, as long as it works. Also give me the fastest shipping, I don’t care what it is.

I can hear the PAL frustration in your posts…

yep,lol. got a NTSC PS2?

I have a slim if you’re interested.

How much you willing to sell for. im open for trades also

hey i have a ps2 slim i want to get rid off, i just bought it 2 months ago, i dont have a tv no more so it doesnt see any play, i modded it so that you dont have to put the magic keys in there to use swap magic:wink: with a little bit of hot glue, i have swap magic 2.0 ill let you have that for free.

what do you have for trade???

well whats the difference between swap magic 3.6(latest) and the 2.0 one? Anyway, how did you manage to mod it to work without the magic switch. sweet. well could you get some pics up please. All my games are PAL so here are my games(even tho u dont use your ps2 i may as well list them for reference)

Capcom fighting jam(mint)(PS2)
Street fighter anniversary collection(mint)(XBOX)
Street fighter alpha anthology(Mint)(PS2)
Final fantasy 12(Mint)(PS2)
Guilty gear X2 Reload(Mint)(XBOX)
Alien hominid(mint)(xbox)
Breath of fire IV(PSX)(MINT)
Final fantasy VIII(Okay)(PSX)


Dreamcast(mint)2 controllers,black VMU in mint condition,(opened once),Street Fighter III Double impact(JAP)(MINT),ive got burned games but they aint allowed,lol.

Gamecube(mint),2 controllers,all leads, 2 memory cards, the smallest sizes,

I’ve got a HFS3 case, with no sticker,no PCB but all the buttons.I kinda gave up on soldering the PSX PCB in,not bothered anymore. i just thought id mention that because it takes up a lot of room and its bugging me now,lol

thee may be more stuff,thats maybe all ive got. ill have to go look tomorrow because im too lazy to go upstairs,LOL. I’ll get some pics if u need them