WTB/WTT Pana twin supergun

Hello! This is my first post. So i say, Nice to meet you!

I am looking for a Pana Twin MP-92 supergun. The condition must not be mint(It could be). But not any crappy shit that will break in a week. :wink:

I am Just looking for a decent Pana Twin to play in my apartment since it is so small that i do not have any space for a cabinet :roll: I prefer if it is in Europe. But shipping cost is no problems so even in the US or Japan will be just like fine as Europe. But i prefer Europe as i said :lol:

I have so many Mahjong games that i do not can play right now. And i think that this is the best solution to solve that problem. I know that there are even cheaper and more dedicated controllers. But i love the design of Pana Twin and it is a hell of a good stick :smiley:

I hope to hear any anwsers or offers atleast! Thank you guys!

Btw. I have many PCBs that i also can trade with. Money is always prefered. But if anyone wants to do a trade, i am not the one that say no :slight_smile:

If you got this, just PM me and i will pay immediatly via Paypal.

Btw, ive got 100% of ebay auctions, So i am serious. just ask, if you feel unsure :smile: