Wtb/wtt: pcb for 360 TE Round 1

Im converting my ps3 TEs to a 360 TE, and I have everything except the panel that holds the wires with the QDC…

Willing to trade my ps3 TEs internals for just that panel or just buy 1 from someone

If anyone has it let me know

You need the main PCB? how much are you willing to spend? I have a main PCB with a TEasy PCB (dual modd) and will only sell as a pair.

No I just need the pcb with the QDCs on it, if your looking into the stick you dont see the pcb, just the panel with the disconnects… If I dont get one, I’m getting a paewang or waiting for my ps360 to come in (I ordered a used one) but i wanted another te kitty stick and the ribbons dont match up on mine