WTB/WTT: PS2/GC stuff WTS: PS3 TE Round 1 & Sanwa parts

Dualshock 2 controller
Gamecube controllers(x2)

Gamecube Games
[]Animal Crossing
]Custom Robo
[]Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Playstation 2
]Timesplitters 2
[]Legaia 2 Duel Saga
]Final Fantasy X
[]Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4
](Any other games you might wanna sell to me, just lemme know and I’ll see if I want it)


Hey guys, I’m selling my good ol’ Round 1 TE now that I have a Xbox 360. Parts are fresh excepting the bottom, it’s got a bit of wear on it. Will most likely ship it in a Xbox 360 Round 2 box to keep it safe. Selling it for $90 shipped OBO.

I also have some Sanwa buttons & Balltops that I don’t really need. $3 for each button, $3 for a balltop.

How much use on the sanwa buttons?

How much use are on the Royal Blue buttons? I might be interested in 2/6/8 of them.

The buttons/balltops haven’t been used very much and are relatively new, they spent most of their time in a little baggie. Green ball top on hold, btw.

Nvm, I’m looking for 8 buttons, and thing I can get 8 cheaper than getting 6 here and 2 later, thanks though.

message sent

Balltop no longer on hold, PS3 TE is on hold. Put up a small list of games and stuff I want.

PS3 TE sold.

I’ve got a new-ish GC Wavebird and a wired orange GC controller, pm me if you are interested.