WTB/WTT: Sanwa Flash, will pay up to $260 for a NEW flash. have 2 wico p360s to trade

i want to buy a sanwa flash and will pay up to $260 for a NEW one. if you have one to sell that’s not new, i’m sure we can work something out. also, i have 2 wico p360s i’m willing to trade as part of the deal. anyone want to sell their flash1? please make me an offer.

EDIT: i took pics if anybody wants.

also there is no “WICO” written on the bottom, it just has nothing. the newer, worse ones made by happ are supposed to have “HAPP P360” at the bottom but this has just “360” and no other markings. they were bought in 2000-2002 so i’m almost absolutely certain they’re wicos. if anyone is dissatisfied because they determine it isn’t a wico, then i will reverse the entire transaction plus pay for return shipping.


You should post a picture of the underside of the stick so people can see the “Wico”. That might help you out a little.

Well, the WICO Perfect 360s didn’t necessarily have WICO printed on them. Some WICO Perfect 360s had the WICO logo “sanded off” or they were not present, but they’re still WICO Perfect 360s. I believe XMetal has one without WICO or anything printed on the base, so that’s more than likely a WICO Perfect 360s since he said he bought them around 2000 to 2002.

yes, exactly, thank you ikagi chan. i took pics too if anyone wants them, but there is no “wico” written on the bottom, it just has nothing. but they were bought in 2000-2002 so they shoudl be wicos. if anyone is disatisfied because it is’nt a wico, then i will refund them including shipping.

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wow 260 for new one which i have. Im thinking really hard about this one.

I thought 207 or 225 was too much for the ones i sold but 260 nice price.

I’d say! I never thought that I’d ever see a Sanwa FLASH 1 ever go above $200.00 to be honest, let alone above $250.00! That right there would be a really REALLY nice custom case I’ll tell ya what! :lol:

Regardless, good luck with your sale XMetal! $260.00 would be a little too rich for my blood, but hey, everyone’s got a price for what they want, right? Great stuff for trade too! I’d be surprised if nobody at least approaches you regarding those WICO Perfect 360s. Those things are seriously great stuff! :tup:

How much for a wico ? :bgrin:

hahaha, i’m willing to sell them since i don’t need them, but i want to get a flash first so i’m gonna hold on to the wicos just in case they might help in me obtaining the flash.

Well if you decide to sell them let me know asap! plz :tup:


Man am I an idiot. I actually had two Wico P360’s and sold them for $25 each. I thought I didnt care about them, but now that im making a cabinet, they would be really useful. I just hated wiring them up for 5v.

Good luck on the flash.

hahaha thanks man, i’m still looking.

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$260 for a new Flash? My bad Jay-Z money ain’t a thang!

Good look on your search.

hahaha i just really want a flash. thanks man.

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I’m still keeping an eye at those P360s :wgrin:

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I wish I still had my flash, I have a bunch of the ASCII Flash Clone sticks though. But those aren’t for sale :frowning: Good luck with your hunting!

thanks markman, i’m still looking.