WTB/WTT Sega Candy Cab


I live on the east coast and I am looking for any sega candy cab. Blast city, astro city whatever. I have a collection of joysticks that I’m willing to trade to help me get it. They are all modded in one way shape or form. If your interested pm me please. These are not easy to find out here without spending over 1000.


Good luck dude.
Hit up Neo-geo.com, you may have better luck.


Jump on this…



I saw that, been up for a while but I just don’t want to spend that much. I know the price isn’t all that bad but I’d rather pay 500 or 600 for a beat up cab


From experience it’s very hard to find cheap candy cabs on the east coast. You’ll end up putting time and $$ into it and it’s worth it to get one that’s fixed.


^ He is right, I can imagine it must be a pain in the ass to get one over there. The price is f*cking bat shit insane!


crazy as it sounds I found someone here in maryland who has 3 blast city and one net city who has held on to them for a few years and is willing to part with them. He is busy but hoping he can send some pics and prices this weekend. They were projects that he started before life caught up with him and never got finished, now they are sitting in storage. Fingers crossed !! I know this is trading post so if he is willing to sell others that I am not interested in I’ll ask if I can post on here as well. I won’t know till this weekend though.


Hey, I’m also in Maryland and would be interested as well. Thanks man!


so it may take longer than this week to get a quote. He is busy and can’t get to where he is storing them… so… still wanting this. Thinking about selling some arcade sticks and or my astro city top panel with buttons.


i would like one also maybe i can help you out in a package deal am on the east nyc


Gotcha, thanks for the update! I’m not going anywhere… hope he gets around to it and is looking to let them go for a reasonable price. Would love a Blast City in good condition. GO TRISYNC!