WTB/WTT Silent JLF & 30mm Button Silencer

Looking for silent JLF and the silencer pads for the buttons. I believe I had the little kahuna silencers before but anything should do.

Got a baby on the way and I need some noise reduction!

Can pay or have some odds and ends to trade like an old PS3.

I have a hori kai rap 4 silent model. I changed out a lot of the parts, but still have most of the original stuff and some extras. The stick itself is still silent since it’s a optical stick instead of micro switch. There’s a bat top and a 3lb tension spring in it currently. Also I switched the buttons out for seimitsu buttons. You can however tweak it and put the old parts in or do as you wish. I’d be willing to let it go for $80 shipped. I’m just trying to get rid of my sticks at this point I’ve got too many.

Are the seimitsu buttons quieter compared to sanwa? Never used them.

Would you be interested in just selling the stick assembly or would you rather keep it whole?

If you’d sell just the silent kuro buttons if you still have them and the silent Hayabusa?