WTB/WTT Tales of the Abyss or NTSC PS2, Preferably both

Just want this game as I’m a huge Tales fan, pity the game was never released in Europe! :sad:

Willing to buy this game in good condition with the manual intact.(And the disc obviously,lol)

Also I wont be able to play this game so I gotta get an American PS2, slim or bulky I don’t care. As long as the ps2 works and has the wires, I’m happy. Don’t need controllers or mem cards with it. If there is some other method of playing imports please enlighten me(I’ll save some money if their is), I’m not very well educated in that area.

Also If you only have one of these then I’ll still be willing to buy. Will also accept trades so if someone is interested I’ll list some stuffz I wanna trade.

Willing to pay whatever the shipping is to my country.

I have a copy [of Tales] that I might sell you. I haven’t finished the game yet, but if the price is right, I might let it go.

ok well how much you want? $30? whats the condition

$30 + shipping sounds good. Just let me know what country you are from so that I can calculate shipping costs.

I’m located in Ireland

It will be $39 USD(shipping is $8.80).

ok. gimme a day to think about it. ive just got some money so ive got some other stuff i may wanna get so i most likely will buy it

hey ramza… if im not mistaken you can buy a PAL swap magic… and it can change it to play ntsc games.

cuz i have a few pal games that i can play with my NTSC system here in america with my swap magic… seems to work ok but i would research it cuz im not sure about stuff over there.

Thanks, you’ve cleared a lot up! I’m gonna look into it

@ Sanji Himura

I know this sounds weird but could you upload pics of the game? Box,manual,disc etc.

Sure. I should have them up by the end of the day, unless the photo lab is being a bitch.

Ok. Thanks a million

EDIT: Oh yes, I forgot to mention. Whats the best shipping you can offer? I’ve got 70 Dollars(50 EUR) to spend.

The $8.80 is the cheapest on shipping as if the package weighed 9 ounces. It could weigh less than that(6 ounces would be $5.40 USD), but the overall trade off on that is that I would have no clue when the package will be there. Now if you want it there in five days, it would be $30.50 USD on a 9 ounce package($25 on a 6 ounce package). This is directly from the USPS web site. The questions that you must answer is do you want to take the cheap route, or do you want the damn thing there now. I quoted the 6 oz prices because I don’t know how much a game weighs until I get to the post office to actually ship the game.

Here are the pics that I just got:

Front Cover:


Back Cover:






Thanks man. I want the thing as fast as you can get, im willing to pay that 30USD shipping for 5 day delivery. so how much I owe you? $60. PM me when you get a chance

PM sent.