WTB/WTT various things

I’m looking for the following:

An AV to VGA box. I’d settle for just a ps2 one, but universal would be best.

Someone to wire up an official dreamcast pcb with male disconnects that I could use in a happ stick with an old p360. It’s my understanding dc controllers have the 5v line that the joystick needs, so if someone could wire mine for me, I’d gladly pay for your time.

A happ box if someone has any premades lying around. I’ve got some beaten up ones lying around, but I wanna get a marvel stick together and something new or close to new would be nice.

I’ve got an XFX geforce 7800gt pci-e vid card for trade, and of course regular monies.

If anyone has any of these things, leave a message or PM me and I’ll get back to you.

holy crap, I happen to have both of those and I suppose I could make you a happ box.

I have hori upscan converter which hooks up directly to ps2 and is also universal (does ps2 via component) and I have a prehacked official DC pad. Potentitally interested in that video card too though I think I’d prefer money.

Not sure if I want to sell the upscan converter. 17 shipped for the DC pad though. I can get QDs on there for you too

Does the dc pad also have a wire for the 5v line so i could hook up that p360? I can put on the qd’s myself, I just can’t solder for shit so I avoid wiring pcb’s like the plague.

Yo guy, I’ll make you a box free. Let me know what you want, I’ll just get you a box this time. I don’t know the p360 wiring and shit, I could certainly try, but a box is no problem whatsoever, plus I have a few new goodies since I’ve made yours (started spray painting and got router bits :D) Lemme know if you want it, I won’t charge you…plus I really want to get my hands on a jigsaw and make a meat truck stick with a 'Gief driver one of these days…

I’ll take it if he doesn’t want it.

haha, the business is taking off! I wasn’t gonna harass you cause I figured you’d be swamped with all those stick requests after evo east. I’m just gonna stick the parts in an old mas husk for now, and I’ll hit you up some time soon about the Meat Truck stick haha. That shit is gonna be off the heezy.