WTB/WTT: Vid Game Magazines

Looking for back issues of P.S.X., EGM, EGM2, and Gamefan from 19xx - 2001 ONLY.

Not extremely picky about condition but they must be complete (no torn out pages) and the spines should be intact and legible.

Prefer to buy in lots of at least 10 issues a pop (can be fewer for PSX/Gamefan)

As far as trade goes I can offer the following:

  • an unopened inpin converter for PS2/PS3
  • a namco ps1 stick (the classic grey and yellow) - this one will take A LOT of mags
  • a neo geo fight stick 3 (orochi version) for PS2
  • a working model 1 sega genesis with two controllers and your choice of game
  • Evo stick sack
  • SRK hoodie
  • A bunch of graphic novels if you’re into that stuff (list avail upon request)
  • A bunch of dvd’s (list avail upon request)
  • Original movie one-sheets (aka posters) (list avail upon request…includes rare promo Dark Knight one sheets)

And if you are local (los angeles area):

  • Nice 27’ Sony Wega trinitron television. Flatscreen CRT. A few years old, works great
  • iMac 17’ Flatscreen from 2003, OSX 10.2

More trade credit/cash for PSX and Gamefan, less for EGM/EGM2. More credit/cash the older the issues are, less for '99-'01.

If you have a crapload of video game magazines collecting dust in the closet, this is a good way to trade up

If you’re interested in starting a thread for Want and Sell lists for comics and graphic novels I would jump on that in a second-- I’ve got tons of comics I’d like to sell or trade for other stuff. Grading would be tricky, but as long as good pictures are taken I could see it being really fun.

Edit-- I’ll be happy to make a thread-- just wanted to guage interest.

If only I was back at home right now instead of my dorm; I’d be able to help you out with a bunch of EGM issues from '98 onwards. Good luck!


i have a trunk full of magazines from 97 thru 2001 in fairly good condition i’ll take a couple of pics in a minute

edited since it was sort of ignored

OMG, dude I have a ton of EGM’s and gamefans from this era. I will trade for the namco.

what will these get me?




poon - looks like 11 mags, early era, not exactly titles im looking for but thats okay. Anything except the sticks would be fair trade for that lot.

I might have some EGM’s laying around. Llet me get back to you, though.

if you are in need of any of the Versus Books guides, lemme know. i have a bunch of them in really good condition (most still have the posters and such)

Yeah 4 of those are strat guides, and 4 are console specific to be fair, but it’s nostalgia so it’s awesome. The EGM is well aged obviously, but there shouldn’t be anything too distracting on the rest except where i traced the dragon warrior 1 maps. Feel like trading em for the inpin? Pm me your details if that sounds ok. Wish i’dve known to bring more from home during the holidays. :slight_smile: