WTB/WTT/WTS: Crown/Seimutsu buttons, CWJ-303A white top for black top


I have a few items in white I want to change to black

2 x PS-14-D Black rim/White plunger
I want to trade these for all black. Otherwise willing to buy 2 all black buttons on the cheap.

1 x Crown CWJ-303A White top
I want to trade for a black top. Otherwise willing to buy one on the cheap.

1 x Crown CWB203A Black
Looking for one button to replace a faulty one in my stick. Can also trade one of the below.

8 x Crown CWB203A Yellow
Set for sale. Never used. $10 + shipping

8 x Crown CWB203A Blue
Set for sale. Used buttons. They have some glued vinyl residue on the button lip from the wooden saulubi case. $8 + shipping

2 x Crown CWB203A Red
Never used. $3 + shipping

2 x Crown CWB203A Red
Used. Same condition as blue. $2 + shipping

Must ship to Canada for trades/sale.