Wtb X-arcade Playstation adapter

Looking for a cheaper deal. I know I can go to X-arcade for a certain amount. Was trying to see if anyone has one they want to sell, perhaps for a lower price.

How much do they sell it for? You’d probably be better off wiring it with a dual shock 1 and getting a USB adapter for your PC, the Playstation adapter has some substantial lag issues from my experience.

Just wanted one, since I have a damn X-arcade pcb. I do have a psx A series pcb. Just wanted to try one out I guess.

I placed the X-arcade thing in a small Project box with all the switches and lights. I like to run my sticks off of db25 connectors.

Yeah I know what you mean, I debated on whether or not to get all the adapters myself, but after I used the PS and the DC adapters, I decided against getting the Xbox and the gamecube ones. I just thought I would share my experience with you, didn’t mean to sound like I was reprimanding you or anything.

For some odd reason, I have two (don’t ask). I can just send you one for shipping if you still want one.

i have a dual x-arcade with ps2 and xbox adapters, if youre interested send me a PM.

Not looking for a stick, thanks Dann is on it.