WTB: X-Mania 7 -The Big Time- [3 DVD]

Before you start offering anything, please take into account that I live in Denmark and obviously need it shipped there.

I’m an impatient man so if you’re willing to sell, please be able to send it A.S.A.P

People outside of Europe have to send it as a gift and do not declare the value since I won’t pay Denmarks extreme taxing fees.

Thanks in advance.

hey dude

go to this site www.neoempire.com (UK based gaming site) and register a member, you will then be granted permission into selling thread.

Guy selling Mania 7

here’s the link (must register though to view)


Thanks for the heads up, I just registered at Neoempire. However I’m currently in a moderating queue ;~

I’ve got it and I’m willing to sell it. Let me know if you want to buy it for $60 + shipping.

How is the condition of the discs?

I’ll keep that in mind. I prefer buying this from a person in Europe, because of obvious reasons such as much faster shipping.