WTB: X360 arcade stick

looking for a x360 arcade stick for a decent price since im starting to get frustrated by playing with a pad. its just to hard on the thumb and the 360 d-pad sucks . so anything thats decent for the price and easily modded for when i bounce from a casual fighter to intermediate. pad is killing me with SSIV not so much with MVC3 but it gets hard to extent my combo’s.

There should be some people selling xbox sticks around. If you’ve been playing on pad, it’s going to take a while to get used to the stick

oh i totally agree since im a total n00b with a arcade stick im trying to find something cheap but effective if that makes sense not looking to pay big bucks when im not even hardcore yet trying to take baby steps.

after reading the n00b thread on sticks i feel retarded for post this so mods can you remove thanks’