WTB: X360 Madcatz TE Fight Stick or Hori Real Arcade Pro.VX SA


I’m looking for a madcatz te fightstick or a hori real arcade pro.vx sa for the Xbox 360 for $75 or less


lol 75? Goodluck bro





^ think he wants one for 360


Ill sell you a brand new dual modded chun li te for 50 bucks. Just kidding, less than 75!?? goodluck cheapskate. Lol


for 75 you might as well buy that crappy Hori EX2 or buy a madcatz SE stick and mod the buttons


you posted this on wednesday and its friday now…by next wednesday you should be able to scrounge up an extra 25 bucks. So do that and come back…with 100 bucks im sure you can find something.


Check craigslist and ask around your local scene. A good condition TE is hard to find at that price but not impossible. Best of luck to you man.


Bad Boy Brazil has a pro for cheap. I think $85.