WTB X360 Madcatz TE S


Offer Open!

So I started out messin’ around with SF4, soon realized I wanted a stick pretty badly and purchased myself a brand spankin’ new SE. I played more and more, and was stoked when I heard about the release of SSF4. Google’d it quite a bit, then got the sad news that it wasn’t coming to PC (At this point I was exhausted with Ken/Ryu/Sagat spammy laggy matches) and ultimately ended up selling my SE and forgot about Street Fighter for about 7 months. Then recently felt a need to play SF again, then out of random impulse searched for Street Fighter on Steam and had this wonderful title appear before me:

I need a new stick, and I’m gonna try to go all the way with this, I want a **TE S **(no preference on new or used, obviously good condition, pictures welcome, Xbox 360 version because PS3 version seems to be picky with PC USB ports), and based off of this post in the Price Check thread: The Price Check Thread I took an average and am going with $105 shipped (and $90 shipped for Round 1/2), and because Paypal bank transfers have to jump through a bunch of loops, the money should go from my bank account to my Paypal by Thursday, June 16th, so I’d like to work out a deal ahead of time.

Thanks for your time,

PS: Was just messing around with the poll thing, accidentally hit Enter and posted it prematurely before removing the poll.


Hope you get one !


thanks buzz!


I have a te round 2, if youre interested!


Currently the situation is pending on a promising offer. I will update if for some reason it doesn’t go through, thanks in the meantime!


Bump, other offer fell through! Still looking, accepting TE’s at this point for $90 shipped!


Bump, now offering **$160 shipped **for a stick of higher quality (etc maybe a lower end custom)


Hey I’ve got a te stick with custom art, buttons, ball top, plexiglas top (slight warp right above the xbox button) and hex gate I could sell. Minor scratches on case and bottom center screw is stripped but stays in place. Let me know if you’re interested.