WTB xbla card

Hey guys, looking for an xbla card. Looking to pay $10-$35 depending on duration of card. Open to offers as well.

never mine, I didn’t see that you don’t want the t5 layout, sorry.

No problem, still looking folks.

How much are you offering?

I have a white HRAP body (was black, dyed it white) with a white plexi replacement (http://www.tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/?loc=products&cat=11&subcat=&item=115) I’ve been considering getting rid of. It’s modded for PS2 and I never use it. Not sure what price you’re looking at paying. I can post a picture if you’d like.

Looking to get an empty case for around $50 plus shipping, but I am open to any offers

@Kelter: do you have the original metal panel? A pic would be great.

the panel was a T5 that’s why i replaced it

just in case, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Arcana-Heart-2-fighting-stick-/171001426392?pt=Video_Games_Accessories&hash=item27d07ab1d8

Ah, ok. Sorry Kelter but I would prefer a metal one.

Thanks for the link ki!!hara, but I’m looking for an hrap without the T5 layout.

far off that price range though is the Japan White Tekken 5 HRAP, which uses namco’s own layout (noir it seems, joystick further from buttons) check ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Real-Arcade-game-stick-TEKKEN-5-HORI-PS2-Import-Japan-/111025328087?pt=Video_Games_Accessories&hash=item19d9a00fd7

more details:
uses Sanwa JLF, and it also has two way mounting, which means it can support Seimitsu SS plates if you wanna go that route,
but buttons are HORI and are not quick-disconnect but are directly soldered to the pcb. should not be an issue if you don’t mind some work and soldering job.

3hours left, I hope you manage to grab this :slight_smile: good luck

Thanks hibachi, that was a little to pricey for me though.

Edited first post.

I’m fine with a black HRAP case. All offers welcome!

PM’ing now…

Thanks for the case! I need to leave you proper feedback. Now on the hunt for a ps360.

Hey guys looking for an xbla card code!

PM’d for XBL card.