WTB: Xbox 1 arcade stick, HRAP EX case, black

Sup guys, interested in an original Xbox fightstick of some sort. I have arcade perfect Mame roms and want to better prepare for 3SO. Was just going to possibly modify an old Pelican. Wanted to see if anyone had one by chance.

Also I would possibly like to find a black HRAP case for 360. I have the EX-SE (Seimitsu rocks) lol, but it doesn’t match my 360 Elite.

I realize both of these items may be a stretch, but I figured I throw this out there. You never know.

I sold an HRAP EX case to Vietexan not too long ago. I don’t know if he ever put it to use. But either way, my point is that they’re out there.

I have an SFAC for $75 shipped.