WTB: XBOX 360 Arcade Stick. Offering 200 dollars. !URGENT

I need an arcade stick for the xbox 360
I’m offering 200 dollars for the best one offered. 200 includes the price of shipping
**If you think your stick is good enough for 200 then let me hear a reasonable price

must be JAPANESE layout.
must include a picture of ALL angles + inside.
must be awesome artwork. Can be sexy girls in lingerie but no porn! I prefer cool than sexy

i messed up wiring mine :frowning: so its totally burnt so this is URGENT!!!
please just msg anything

AIM: daeqqq
MSN: iidaeqii@hotmail.com

let me know guys!

must also be super sexy. hence 200 dollars. i can pay by paypal, check, anything just name it!

  1. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=131127

  2. read rules sticked at top as well. Must include WTB/WTS/WTT in thread title.

That is all.

and check out www.ArcadeInABox.com too :coffee:

thanks tim static!
i didnt want to get a custom stick from the forum because it takes FOREVER! :frowning:
and as you can see its kind of urgent :slight_smile: