WTB: Xbox 360 Guide Button from controller

I guess it’s a weird thing to ask for, but if anyone has a 360 controller gutted out and has the 360 guide button, I’d really like it… maybe even the ring around it?

Thx guys! :smiley:


No one has any? xD

I just took a apart a mad catz retro arcade controller, interested in that guide button setup?

I got one coming from someone for free, would you be willing to send it off for free, also? Or do you want shipping?

I was just gonna put it in a letter envelope and charge you for the stamps and maybe nickel and dime you. How much does it cost to send a letter? 45 cents now? so you’re looking at 60 cents shipped, preferrably paypal

mrGhey I mailed you 2 of the official ones they look a lot nicer than third party onces (which often just use an X sticker) the MS ones are like metallic.