WTB: Xbox 360 Hori Ex / Mad Catz Standard Edition Stick


Pretty much looking to buy one of these ASAP in the ballpark of $100. Please send me a private message if you have one for sale and we can work out payment and shipping info. I would also be able to pick it up depending on where you are located. Thank you in advance!


Would you be interested in a Hori EX2?


if he’s not, I might be. Debating on if I want 6 or 8 buttons.


i have a brand new ex2. the outer box is beat up a bit but the ex2 is perfect and never used. ill let it go for $100


Dude, you talking about the HORI EX 2 for the Xbox 360, not modded, for $100???


thats what the guy wants to pay. read.


unless he means the $130 retail ex. thats just not realistic right now.


lol the EX2 goes for $35 in stores

and he is talking about the hrap ex… im like 99% sure.


try finding one now for $35…besides they are $59.99 retail. theyre going for $100 on ebay.


There were 3 ex2’s on craigslist two weeks ago for 40 each. He’s talking about the HRAP ex


Damn i just sold 2 of my Ex2 weeks ago for $59 shipped…There goes $100 profit i could have used on joystick parts…

I need to make up for that so yeah i have NIB Madcatz360 SE, ill let it go for $150:rofl:


EX2’s Were going for like $30-40 Not too long ago, why so much now ?


i think its cuz a new fighting game just came out? :slight_smile: …joking.


That’s exactly why. Two days after SF4 was dropped, the DoA4 stick for xbox was like $160 or something on amazon used.


right…shouldve said sarcasm instead of joking.


damn, good thing ive had my joysticks, im still waiting for my fucking TE Tho!


ahh gotcha :slight_smile: