WTB: Xbox 360 Hori EX Stick


It does not matter which ex it is. EX1 or EX2. Or even the DOA4 or SC sticks are fine. Any hori Xbox 360 Arcade Stick is fine. Name your price shipped. Paypal.



PM sent


I am also interested to see if anyone has a HRAP EX (NOT the ex.2) for sale. Name your price shipped (paypal preferred). I currently own a EX.2, which I’d be happy to offer up as a partial trade, if you’d like.


pm sent


Thanks for the PM - was hoping to find something out there a bit closer to MSRP if possible.


pm sent


I also am Interested in purchasing one. Like Archonyx, I’d like to the keep the price close to retail.


Aznmnky - I didn’t get your PM.


I Want a Hori EX2 as well, willing to pay via paypal $60 Shipped.

New or In Good Condtion, Pics if possible, pm me asap. wanna get this deal done tonight.


u have a pm! cameron


replied bullet.


Looking for a Hori EX2 as well. Would like it to be New or in great condition and willing to pay $60-70 depending on how it looks. Pics please. PM me if you have an offer.