WTB: Xbox 360 stick.

I’m currently using this really crappy Hori EX2. I’m looking to buy anything better then this.

Madcatz SE/TE
Hori HRAP3/V3-SA

Budget - 100$ (shipped)

i can do a madcatz rd1 te stick shipped for $110 through UPS. It is perfect.

I have a Madcatz Rd 1 SE with Sanwa replacement buttons installed for $85 shipped.

i’ve got a Hori EX with full sanwa button mod (grey/black buttons) $95 shipped)
it has a octagonal gate (sanwa) installed, i have the square gate as well.
i can also include the original Hori buttons and want them
here is a pic.

Super SFIV not included

i have an se stick seimitsu buttons with a jlf 85 shipped if my other buyer falls out i am prepared to ship asap.

They have round1 se’s? Or did you mean TE?

pm me if others fall through, i have a te r1 that i could do.

It’s an SE with Sanwa buttons. It was bought around the time they first came out, so I called it an SE Rd1. Not sure why.

got one in my thread:

Damn that was a really nice price, I think someone beat me to it though.

Mines up on Ebay

Makes sense since the brawl stick is an updated version of the SE. :slight_smile:

I have a Dual Modded SFIV SE with full sanwa buttons (6 red, 2 white) and sanwa stick for $90 shipped. It’s in great condition but the only problem is the turbo stopped working when I got it dual modded but shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t use it.

I’ve got a gently used Street Fighter Madcatz xbox 360 stick available. I can do $105 shipped if you want for it.