WTB: Xbox 360 stick

Edit: Crap I broke a rule. Let me re-phrase this. Does anyone have an Xbox 360 stick already made with HAPP parts that they would be willing to sell me?

Update: would also be interested in one that has Sanwa/Seimitsu Parts in it as well. Of course already installed and ready to go.


Bump update.

I can make you one, as Ruiner’s stick is exactly what you are describing, however I am busy until the end of the week, then afterwards in 2 weeks you should get your stick. This week and past have been anomalies, and delayed me.

If you are interested I have a stick with Happ parts already installed for sale. I just need to convert it to the XBox 360. I could have it ready for you in a day or two. See the stick in my for sale thread.