WTB: Xbox 360 VGA cable


bla these are expensive as hell in stores so i guess i will look for one here let me know the price.


They cost the equivalent of 80 bucks here man =(

I need one too


i have some could u pm me with an offer


if anybody is willing to trade said cable for my viper figure let me know haha


I Got mine for $15 Bucks at ebay…

heres one for $9 Buy it now, free shipping…



I’m looking for one as well. They’re not really that expensive though, I’m just too lazy to go look for a used one.


got one for a steal of a price…

Thanks Stargalaqtic.

Please close the thread mods!


FYI, if anyone wants a M$ branded VGA, $20 shipped. PM me.


MonoPrice also sells these. I bought one and it looked damn nice on my monitor.


I have one too. if you need one pm me.