WTB: Xbox 360 Wired Pad/PS3 Pad

I’m looking for a wired Xbox 360/PS3 pad to play PC games on. As much as I want to make the transition to a stick, they’re just way too expensive for me at the moment.

Edit: I just realized I’m relatively new here and more of a lurker than a poster (just started getting into the fighting game scene, and I’ve been too busy to really keep up). I did participate in a bundle deal for SSF4AE during the Steam deal, so there’s a little bit of feedback for me. It’s not much, but that’s all I have here unfortunately.

Bump. Now open to a PS3 Dualshock 3 pad as well.

This person is selling a Tatsunoko vs Capcom arcade stick for 25 dollars shipped. All you would need is an adapter and you would be set. Don’t buy an xbox controller, you would be better off with a broken DDR mat.

Thanks for the reply. I’m actually looking for a pad to use temporarily for fighting games, but I want to have it later on for RPGs/etc. and stuff for when I do get a fighstick. It’s a win-win in the long run.

I understand. I’d recommend a new official ps2 controller and one of these adapters from etokki. I’m sure you can find a 360 controller for cheaper but the ps2 controller is more versatile.

Any reason you’d choose PS2 over PS3? I’ve never been too keen on adapters–they seem to always have some input lag, which is horrible to have in a fighting game. I’m broadening my search to also include PS3 pads now (sorry, I just found out how to change the thread title haha).

Sony is retarded and doesn’t have drivers for the Ps3 controller. So you would have to install a nice scary virus thing called motionjoy. That adapter is kickass because it makes the computer think it’s a 360 controller so it will work flawlessly with any 360 compatible game and will work on the xbox 360. The adapter doesn’t lag either.

Hm, I’ll consider a PS2 pad, I guess. I actually got a hold of my friend’s PS3 pad the other day, and MotionInJoy worked like a charm. I initially wanted just a wired 360 pad, but after seeing how well MotionInJoy works, the PS3 pad is pretty tempting. I guess it’s a toss-up now–360 pad or PS3 pad.

Bump! Anyone have a pad they aren’t using?

Gamestop is still selling Brawlsticks (updated Madcatz SE) for $30 new. The 360 version works on PC as well.

Thanks for the heads up. I might look into it, but regardless, I am still interested in a pad to help me make the transition, and later on for RPGs and other games I decide to play.