Wtb Xbox 360s


No more broken boxes looking for new ones mainly, Anything manufatured from mid 2008 till now. No slims if you got an older box hit me up thanks!

Happy HolidayS!


Just an idea, hit up Craigslist too, man. You can get 'em for dirt cheap on there.

If you don’t mind me asking, why you looking for them if they’re broken? You know how to fix them?


Hak is a mad scientist.


Makes perfect sense.


im sending you a PM. :slight_smile:


Replied, thanks for the heads up .cobra people on craigslist are being harassed regularly by me lol btw cue16 “why you so fresh” thanks for looking


Looking for more 360’s Btw thanks to the folks I have done buisness with already.


Hak is a friggin GENIUS… he just likes to be down low and humble =]


I’ve got a RROD 360 purchased back in Sept of '06. It’s been opened but isn’t banned from XBL.


Hak, I might have another 360 that is about to RROD. Call me…


i’m sure you’re probably lookin for full sets, but need any spare parts cheap? i have a working xenon drive, rol, heat sinks, and fan i’ve had sitting around i’d sell for like $20 shipped.


Hey I have a 360 that does’nt work i would sell. I bought it off of a kid at my work planning to make a arcade stick out of it. I have never used it b/c i don’t have the power cord. It is not RROD or banned, the kid said after a few minutes of play it would mess up. PM me if you are interested.


replied thanks!


Hey guys bumping this because Im still buying if your selling.


My XBOX got a RR when I sent it thru the mail. But im sure its still under warranty through Microsoft as I purchased it back in December. Send me a PM though on how much you would be willing to pay for it and I guess we’ll go from there. (Its an elite with all the extras)




You still looking for these? I’ve still got one for sell. It’s been opened but not banned.


I got 1 that has never been opened or banned. Shoot me a PM if your interested.


RROD, opened, Banned whats up?

PM me


opened not banned (also the case was painted purple)