WTB: Xbox Joystick


Looking for any custom-Xbox Joystick, I recently bought SFIII: Third Strike for my Xbox (so I could sell the PS2 already). And holy hell, the controller is so bad for playing.

Preferred to have it without any artwork, but I guess I can’t be too picky. I live in New Jersey, US… Money order is about as much as I can do, I don’t believe in credit cards.

Anyways, just leave one if you have one for sale. Keep in mind I’m a third strike player by traditional standards.


Well I have an extra Street Fighter Anniversary Stick totally stock available. Plays on both xbox and PS2 and is also the easiest mod out there. $75 shipped


so what’s the total?


I read it as $75


any chance you have AIM or an e-mail so we can speak further into this?


Just send him a PM.


I’ll sell you a barely used Tekken 5 joystick for 70 shipped if you prefer Japanese style…


Hey guys, I’m just a little impatient, prob. just because i’m relaxing from work and very bored. I haven’t heard from anyone about joysticks, please throw more offers at me.