WTB Xbox360 Femme Fatale Stick New or good condition

Hey guys,
Looking to buy a new or very good condition Femme Fatale stick for xbox360. I am paypal verified and have money on hand. Please pm me!
Thank you

noone is ever going to sell that…its like the first stick to have ever sold out…

I have one and how much we talking about.

Still looking. If anyone has a new or used Femme thats in good condition, Pm me please!

CommradeTao has one on sale for $170 new in the box. At the time of this post the thread is literally directly beneath yours. That price is extremely reasonable on a stick you can’t buy anywhere.

Yes weapons however i think 170+ shipping is just alittle too much. I dont need it new and one of the veteran members let one go recently for $130 shipped brand new. I dont think anyone will take it for that price at the moment. Tao will slowly take his asking price down and hopefully we will be doing business in the future lol.

Actually, I’m about to raise the price. They’re starting to go for 200+ on ebay.