WTB:Xbox360 help

ive got an xbox360 with a red ring. is it possible for anybody on here to fix that for me? name your price.

just send it to microsoft they do it for free

I’ve heard of people knowing how to fix this but I just sent mine in to MS when I got the Ring of Death.
They were pretty fast about it. I got in back in like 10 days.

I could do the X-clamp replacement, though it would void your warranty.

Sorry about that, and welcome to the world of RROD, i think there is no way to fix that, even if you fix it, it will happen again, but if you still got warranty, you shold send it back to M$ and they will rapair it for free, but you would have to wait like 1 month and a half to get it back. I fell your pain, the same thing happened to my 5 times. :shake: :sad:

its not mine its my friends. its out of warranty will MS still take it? i called and asked and they said no =\ perhaps foul play!?

hozie whats that mod u speak of?

i am on my third first one lasted almost 2 years
second one lasted exactly one month
we will see how long this one lasts

good luck

Really? they should cover rrod for 3 years.

Tell your friend to register his serial at xbox.com and see if it will stop you there.

the new xbox 360 doesnt even have this problem anymore… =\ ive played my elite 8hours straight and i havent had one problem. my friend on the other haand my friend had an old one and he tried to play halo for super long and got this RROD. if he can send it into microsoft still i will be happy cuz voiding a warranty is a waste =\

Im not sure about that, My 2 last 360s were Elite and they lasted 6 month each, more than the others Pros(My Pros, lasted 3-4 monts, and 2 died because M$ updates, the other one with Dead Rising), and the last Elite died when i downloaded Poker Smash, I love Poker but i Hate that game because it killed my 360 :sad:, Im not sure if im going to get another 360, i might get another one when they drop the price.

Those are things that make me love my ps2 (and i hope my PS3) more everyday, that system been with me since 2001 i think(not sure) and it stills working like the first day.

Try all your paths thru MS, see if registering the console could help. I doubt even an initial release Xbox would be out of warranty at this point.

I can’t believe how bad some people have got it with the 360s. If I were to go by that alone I’d say it’s a horrible system but my experience with mine has been nothing but great. I had a regular 20 gig one for about a year and then sold it to a friend, who still plays it and hasn’t had any trouble. I used the money to buy a falcon and so far it’s great as well but, it’s supposed to be. My other friends have gotten the RROD, one got an elite (non falcon) and the other was the 20 gig. Just bad luck is the only way for me to explain it, till it happens to me that is. :lol:

My first one I opened it and added extra fans and vents. Never had a problem, I sold it though.


Anyway all that and after the new owner had it for 6 months it failed. Simply because the new owner did not have it in a well ventilated area.

got MS to take it. i registered the system and they said they would take it =\

thanks guys. please close