WTB: Xtokki 360 Adapter **BOUGHT**


The one that will let me use my ps2/ps1 controller on my xbox 360. I will also send payment as gift.


I sell my converters quite often to MK community members who didnt order in time from eTokki or need it as last second replacements but as they know, I charge as much as it costs to order one from eTokki, plus shipping from me to you. but without the 1-2 week wait. Actually eTokki is sold out at the moment, so $33 total is how much it would cost. This converter is actually brand new. I havent even used it since i reordered it. Let me know.


thats 33 shipped? Send the info


yup, incoming


Sorry its taking so long Private chat acting funky for me keeps saying Enter a Valid msg.


Payment Sent