WTB: Xtokki 360 converter


Looking to see if anyone has an Xtokki PSX to 360 converter for sale in the forums before I go and just buy it from etokki.com


Also, Looking for a copy of Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost for PS3



japanese games work on american ps3’s. the system is region free.


this game isn’t even out yet in Japan. release date is 1/30/14.


lol i was just about to say that. also does anyone know if the new one has online voice chat now?


thanks for the clarification

That explains why the sites I look for them on like play-asia only say pre-order. Only a month of leveling-up before SCR, should be fun.


You can play it, but you can’t play online unless you make a Japanese PSN account, and pay a 10,000 yen (approx $10) online pass. Also, I believe you will have to get your hands on either a Japanese credit card or a Japanese PSN card to make the purchase. There are sites for buying Japanese PSN cards, I believe.

You don’t need any of that to play the previous version, however. Online works with vanilla Extreme vs. on American PSN accounts just fine.


Looking to see if anyone has an Xtokki 360 converter they’re not using and want to sell me

Noted. Thank You.


I got mine off of ebay from this seller. Its the real thing.


I second this, i bought two already but he has been picking up the price lately lol


Cool thanks fellas, just put my order in for a pair. Also thanks @Nobus for the heads up as well, etokki no longer sells/carries these


What was the price when you bought it? Just curious, it’s probably only a difference of a few dollars from a month ago.


@LowTier_Frog‌ 20 bucks like a year and 8 months ago and one like a year ago like for almost 30


I got the 2-fer for $59.99 and saved a penny about a month ago. $6 for shipping and it came with extra X-Arcade converters that I don’t want/need but it was a nice gesture.