WTB yellow balltop and IL euro stick, and IL translucent buttons,

is anyone has this pm price to me, when it comes to buttons I am looking for either Blue or green IL translucent buttons. also the IL stick does not hve to be orange. I prefer the joystick to be either green or blue if possible



I have a happ stick and happ buttons with cherry switches. Blue and red buttons. The stic is red. Asking about $10 plus shipping.

how much just for the buttons ?

I just went through the buttons and actually came up with the following:

3 Blue
2 Yellow
1 White
1 Red
1 Green

Also have 6 stock buttons from the Street Fighter Anniversary stick:

2 Black
2 Red
1 Blue
1 White.

Selling for $1 each of the Happ buttons with cherry switches plus shipping. If you buy them you can have the stock ones for free. I’m asking $5 for the Happ stick. Sorry but I misquoted the price above. I meant to say $10 for the buttons and forgot to state $5 for the Happ stick.


bump, Things I am looking for have changed