WTB: yellow battop LB-30-N

i think lizardlick finally ran out =\

looking for one in new/mint condition, thanks!

i beg thee

Hey zeetes, just wanted to drop in and say good luck with your hunt! I like the look of the yellow bat tops as well, even though I myself can’t stand using them. They look insanely nice and match the Namco Arcade Joystick’s buttons perfectly! :lovin:

thanks pal! that’s what i need another one for! i already have one namco w/one but i need a second for the one i’m replacing the pcb with http://www.etokki.com/Joytron%20Paewang%20Revolution%20arcade%20stick

Oh, now that’s gonna be a piece of work right there! Good luck with your mod work zeetes. And boo yeah to laugh for being our number one Korean distributor! Ryan, if you see this thread, you’re freaking awesome man! :bgrin:

yeah ryan is awesome!


trying again!

I have a yellow bat top I am not using + adapter. I will trade for bubbletops or buttons.
PM sent.

Are these out of production? It looks like they’re no where to be found.

Edit: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=199305

Hmm…now i’m thinkin I have a possibly rare item.

(edit) Nevermind, sold to Meus.

That is borderline evil. :lol: Poor zeetes.

Sorry Zeetes, I owe Meus. He hooked me up w/ some Namco’s.

What Kyle i did nothing, I had asked Raul before for the yellow battop.

I’m in the same boat. I think what I may end up doing is buying a white one and using some RIT yellow dye. Hopefully that will do the trick.

No biggie. Didn’t realize this was done beforehand.

I put a white bat top on a Namco yesterday and I stopped feeling sad for you. I can’t personally stand the feel of these things. It makes them feel like a Happ stick with a wimpy spring.