WTB-your old stick!


looking to buy someones
old stick they dont use anymore
im in desperate need of one like a lot of other people
any system is fine, just let me know!


I have one in my thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=184959


awesome man, but im kinda looking for something
with a jap layout, but how moddable is it?


well… pretty sure u can change the buttons and stick, cant put art work cause the white plexi is glued down :sweat:


aw well id totally be all over that
but i dont really like american style layouts dude


I have a salubi 4K that I don’t even really use…I found out quickly that I hate 360 sticks and it was too late to send it back to Korea…PM me if you’re interested…I’m reasonable…


sent you a pm


well if someone has two, PM me as well


Im also looking for a stick.
Anyone from Canada in particular selling a stick ? I really need one bad for my bday lol.
PM me if you have one.


I still have that HRAP CFJ stick if anybody is wondering.


what stick are you referring to? Any pics & how much?