WTB: Your original joystick you upgraded from

Hey folks, I’m looking for a working joystick for a MadCatz SE. Mine recently broke and with no clear date on when or if the Sanwa JLF’s will be back in stock, I’m looking for anything that works at this point. I tried to go back to the standard controller, but there is no going back to the 360’s POS controler for this game after playing SF4 with a stick.

So if you have a working stick from when you upgraded and want a little extra beer money, please help a brother out :lovin:

Just to be clear, I’m looking for the standard, plane jane stick that the MadCatz stick came with or any other that will work.

I have heatware 26-0 for references and paypal waiting :wgrin:

This might help: http://www.modchipman.com/sanwa-jlftp8y-joystick-p-1651.html (no mounting plate).
http://www.modchipman.com/sanwa-jlftp8yt-joystick-p-1641.html (mounting plate inc)

They seem to have JLFs in stock atm (although balltop color choice is limited). I ordered buttons from them and recieved them within 3 days of my purchase time.

Of course, Im sure if u just want a Madcatz SE stick, you can find someone on here willingto part w/ it for next to nothing.

You sir are a saint! I’m willing to take anything at this point…I’m still accepting offers for what users here may have. I’m going to contact this site tomorrow and see if they do have them in stock.

What’s exactly wrong with your joystick? If it’s just a few broken microswitches I have a ASCII joystick’s TPMA I can sell you for pretty cheap.

I have no idea what’s wrong with it. It just doesn’t respond to moving the joystick left anymore. I’ve taken it apart and can see no signs or obvious defects. All the buttons work fine, and joystick will register moves in any other direction but left.

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