great topic


what the bacon?

What the breezy?

I don’t see why certain peeps don’t like salt & vinegar potato chips. Especially Tim’s. Those are freakin’ amazing.

fuck yeah thos rule

It seems pretty obvious to me.

Those certain peeps don’t like the taste of vinegar.

I mean, that would do it, right?

Most people are down with the salt.

lol check out this ad

The price is insane. Is “Street Fighter 4 Collectors Edition Fight Stick for PS3” Craigslist code for some form of sexual service? Because the asking rate is sorta obscene.

“Street Fighter 4 Collectors Edition Fight Stick for PS3” = Cleveland Steamer
the SE one is only a Panda Slam :frowning:

[]you are a new user and cannot buy things off other users on the forum
]there is already a thread about buying/selling
[*]when you can buy things, be more specific. this ain’t WoW, don’t go “wtb batop” and expect us to PM you with a price.

500Euros non-negotiable. lol

An infraction leading to ban has been issued.