WTD: PS2/Sanwa modded dc agetec stick

Hi to all,

i live in notts UK, and have been on the look out for a ps2 hacked, sanwa modded(JLF) DC AGETEC stick.

anyone have one they would be willing to sell, or can anyone mod one?

thanks in advance!


i can mod them easily but i live in the states. my charge would be $50 plus cost of shipping back to you to mod your own agetec shell with your own parts that you supply.

i’m just throwing it out there if you can’t find someone in the uk to help you out.

my turnaround time would be one 3 days after receiving from you (but usually i’m done in a day).

here is an example of an agetec modded with psx guts i modded today for a friend.