Wtf 1,000,000 HP?


For the love of God, drop three zeroes please.


It’s the same team that brought you TvC. Also everyone is supposed to be super powerful so it’s like DBZ health or something.

Oh and MvC2 had score in the billions for doing nothing so Marvel fans are used to needlessly large #s anyway.


for the love of god, never make a new thread again.


I loved “50 BILLION DAMAGE!”

So salty they took that out. :frowning:


I feel like I’m on GameFAQs with the level of threads here. Why is my “PREPPY” assist button not working? Stupid fucking Seimitsu buttons…


Why did you think it was a good idea to make a thread like this? For future reference, it was a bad idea. Don’t post dumb crap like this.