Playing UMVC3 in a 8-person lobby last night against a guy who picked a team of 3 Vergils, that’s not a typo, THREE VERGILS!!! Didn’t think it was possible till I had Vergils coming at me from all directions. At first I thought it might be a glitch involving the MultipleMan Card effect in Heroes & Heralds Mode, but unlike MultipleMan’s card effect, he was able to call assists and DHC, here are 4 things I noticed:

  1. this team was able to call the other 2 Vergils as assists - yes, Point Vergil with 2 Rapid Slash assists! You think calling a beam assist and teleport is cheap, try dealing with Rapid Slash assist > Teleport > Rapid Slash.
  2. the two assist Vergils was able to heal red health.
  3. he was able to DHC all the way through from Dimension Slash > Devil Trigger > Spiral Swords!
  4. the team consists of 3 different color Vergils, the Red, Blue, and Black costumes, which is the last difference I noticed from the MultipleMan Card effect because when you use MultipleMan, all three of your characters have the same costume/color.

Is there a glitch I’m not aware of or is this a cheat using something outside the game mechanics? I can safely say that THIS IS THE MOST broken thing I’ve ever come across, if you think X-FACTOR 3 Anchor Vergil is bad, try playing Vergil in every position!!!

Fortunately I won, LOL, it’s quite a sense of accomplishment to win over a team of 3 Vergils. There should be a Trophy for this!

The player who used the team is crowsb4hosMLG*** (I omitted the last 3 characters since I’m not sure if it’s against forum policy to disclose this info).


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LOL. Oh god. Really? Really?



@Kanta-Kun, thx for the link…THIS IS SO MF-BROKEN!!!


It was probably Cryin Brian or…Bitter Brian.


LOL…it was him…had my win documented on stream :wink:


It’s confirmed, I beat this cry baby on his stream…feeling good :wink:


uhhh sure.


you feel good beating someone who admits they are no good at marval? setting the bar low, huh?


LOL…no, just satisfied that I did not lose to a broken team of 3 derp Vergils. I don’t mind losing to good players, but losing to a self-proclaiming troll with a team of 3 broken characters…that would be a dent in my self-esteem :slight_smile: and we all know that you don’t need to be an expert to win with Vergils.


Pretty sure everyone else is too engrossed in trying to replicate this or imagining team possibilities. Nobody cares about your win over someone who was simply displaying the exploit on his stream.


This will be banned anyway.

Marvel 2 tournaments disallowed mirrored characters on a team, and required you to play 3 unique characters. Being able to select the same character IIRC was actually possible from the characters select screen without a glitch.

Marvel 3 deliberately tried not to allow this, and now that it’s found, TO’s are going to very quickly say no.


hmmm i wonder what character can benefit from there own assists the most.


Doctor Doom, LOL.


I’m not worried about tournaments, since it’s not something every players have access to, but this will no doubt be exploited online.

There’s no doubt that this is game breaking, but it’s a goldmine for combo videos since it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

3 Dooms with 3 different assists might be a huge threat seeing how he can excel in both rushdown and zoning. Plus, infinite possibilities for infinites. 3 Magnetos to a lesser extent.

3 Storms with 3 Hail Storm THC can easily kill at the end of a BNB, and most likely the most chip damage in the game.

3 Trishes, 3 Stranges, and 3 Dantes will completely zone out 80% of the cast and outrun the few that can get in.

3 Phoenixes sounds God Like, but it’ll still take some work to get to 5 bars, so it’s not completely brain dead.

3 Morrigans with 3 Dark Harmonizer assists may have endless meter for Astral Vision, but without missile or Vajra assist isn’t as threatening, but it would be fun as hell to play.

I think 2 Morrigans + Doom Missiles is much better than 3 Morrigans, and would be God Tier in ChrisG’s hands.

2 Vergils + Doom Missiles or Beam is much better than 3 Vergils, and definitely God Tier in Vergil specialists’ hands such as PR Balrog.

Wolverine + 2 Akuma tatsu assists for Justin.

Zero definitely benefits most from having 2 different assists such Dante & Vergil in ZMC or Dante & Strider, I think having 2 Zeroes actually weakens already existing compositions.

Surprisingly, 2 Franks + Dante/Nova/Skrull might be more frightening than anchor Vergil as I can see a player like Bee finding a way to level up both Franks to Level 5 in one combo. Leveled up Frank backed by his own shopping cart assist will be running the entire cast over with unblockables and impossible mixups.

These are just off the top of my head. Theory fighters will have a field day!


After looking at the previous comment I guess I should just stick to the theory thread…


I bet it’d look pretty insane to have Firebrand + Firebrand Demon Missile M assist + Luminous Body on both + Chaos Tide + XF2 all going on at once

Also I think Haggar might be able to get some work done vs. keepaway neutral if he was backed by his own Lariat
Plus he could probably do: combo > knockdown > cr.H > Lariat Assist > Pipe > Rapid Fire Fist > Rapid Fire Fist DHC


So… Wesker can OTG into Assist 1 (Force Palm), relaunch, M-M-H-S, OTG into assist 3 (Jaguar Dash), relaunch, H-S, OTG into 3 Maximum Weskers? O.o Scary.
How does one do this would be the next question?




It’s weird that when you DHC with clones, they all say their name. Did that mean that Capcom originally allowed you to pick the same 3 characters in UMvC3/MvC3? Also apparently I saw a pic of a Live stream that someone was playing as Galactus through the glitch/hack/exploit.


You be the judge if it’s real or fake.