WTF?! A Conroe Thread?!

Alright, thought I’d give this a try, eventhough, my friend made a thread about 3yrs ago! Along with my friend “Bare Knuckle 2” we would like to get some people in conroe 45N or at least close enough to be able to start a gaming scene. We play just about all the fighters but tend to lean to those that actually give us a bit more comp. CVS2, Third Strike, VF, Hyper Fighting, Tekken 5, etc. We would also be willing to do other types of games along the lines of FPS since I like those as well. We were at the previous Texas Showdowns and had a blast with ALL that competition. Sucks that now that I’m actually good at some of those games I can’t really play anyone outside of online or my friend. We also went to planet zero for regionals once but, it’s pretty hard to travel all the way over there let alone be able to have the day off. :sweat: So if anyone knows players from here or around here post up or pm me or knuckle. Thanks


Anyone out there? I guess we can try again. If anyone wants to get some games in let us know. Oh, and what the fuck mcginnis, you never use curse words in real life, I’m shocked that your thread title has WTF in the title,lol.

fellas my bad on today I had to run some errands and crap for my job and I didn’t have you guys # to let you know. we will get some games in some time soon though

cool just pm us to set up a day and time.

No worries, we’ll play some other time. Let us know.

Where is Conroe, if it’s near me I might make a vist, if it’s near the damn ocean n/m it.

EDIT: Just looked it up wtf you guys might as well be Houston stop being lazy and drive.

Yea, it’s a 1 hour drive and the day has to be an off work day which is pretty difficult. I don’t mind driving overthere but after 3 trips or so it gets pretty exhausting.



Hey you guys should come to the regionals on the 15. If you want, you guys can meet up at my house and we can ride together.

I think Knuckle said he requested the day off. Pretty sure we’re going. :tup:


Wow, someone bit our thread title…+1

get you own shit…fucking confussing me…=/

:rofl: sorry bout that. Just thought everyone used that since I’ve seen it A LOT.