WTF! A rap music video I made in high school ended up on a blog today

Yes I am an aspiring hip hop artist but this video I made while I was in high school. I have obviously improved since then.

White People Rapping Poorly

youtube link [media=youtube]twbVKRgiFcg[/media]

Wow, that’s one hell of a dirtstash. Funny stuff.

1:13 is sure to piss some people off.

Cool reverse advertising, bro.


Dude. So bad.

Any reason why everyone who jacks well known beats for their amateur rap always jack from the same dre song?

You think people forgot about Dre?


I hope you don’t look like that anymore (no homo).

If you do, I’ll try to contact a homeless shelter in your area that can take you in and provide you a hot meal and a bed to sleep in.


yo, the rhymes were a little lackluster, but the beat was SICK.

Yeah dr. dre does make good beats… including headphones… who knew!

Yeah dr. dre does make good beats… including headphones… who knew!

[media=youtube]awwsjO6F0NA[/media] here is my latest rap battle


I watched the whole video. I still don’t know how you guys can come up with that shit on the spot.

OP needs to learn from Dr.B.

And that those rhymes were pretty lame. And that montreal guy needs to stop screaming like a retard.

Word of the day is AUTISM!

Goddamn son. You look like you shoplifted your outfit from the mens clearance rack at walmart. Got some busted up attack forces to complete the look. Good shit.

your video is gonna go viral son. i bet you everyone is gonna be like me and show this to all their friends. you’ll be the next justin beiber! but discovered here first, on srk.

“cuz my carreer reached a new high
not a low
that’s right if you know anything at all
you’ll know my carreer’s on the rise
and not on the fall”

This dude trolling right?

Was he really trying to show off with that? :confused:

:wow: lol @ that one dude rocking british knights